Friday, 6 July 2012

Google Application Engine for Business

The Giant search engine Google has released the Google Application Engine(GAE). And this is the another milestone in Google's history. Now it is serving only for the minimum users in an organisation. And it offers the free trial up to 10users. 

Google made it much simple to access GAE. If you want your organisation to be a part of it. All you need is to have a Google Account or Google Application Account and you should have own website domain for your organisation. 

Google App Engine supports apps written in several programming languages. With App Engine's Java runtime environment, you can build your app using standard Java technologies, including the JVM, Java servlets, and the Java programming language—or any other language using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, such as JavaScript or Ruby. App Engine also features two dedicated Python runtime environments, each of which includes a fast Python interpreter and the Python standard library. Finally, App Engine provides a Go runtime environment that runs natively compiled Go code. These runtime environments are built to ensure that your application runs quickly, securely, and without interference from other apps on the system.

With App Engine, you only pay for what you use. There are no set-up costs and no recurring fees. The resources your application uses, such as storage and bandwidth, are measured by the gigabyte, and billed at competitive rates. You control the maximum amounts of resources your app can consume, so it always stays within your budget.

App Engine costs nothing to get started. All applications can use up to 1 GB of storage and enough CPU and bandwidth to support an efficient app serving around 5 million page views a month, absolutely free. When you enable billing for your application, your free limits are raised, and you only pay for resources you use above the free levels.
Initial releaseApril 7, 2008
Stable release1.7.0 / 26 June 2012; 9 days ago
Development statusReleased
Written inPython, Java, Go
TypeWeb development

Here is the Link to get Started Google App Engine 

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