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Cinderella's super tresses and Speaking Dove's

As like as Rapunzel, there was a beautiful girl with long tresses. But the difference is, she has long black tresses. Every girls who saw her tresses will surely get jealous on her, her name is Cinderella. 

Cinderella is a joyful pretty girl, she was living in a village. She is the only girl who has the longest beautiful tresses in that village. 

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One day a strange man came to the village, everyone in the village looked at him. He was so nervous, and very hungry. Some folks in village asked about him. As he began to say everyone rounded up to hear. 

He said "I'm a Doctor, i was travelling through the forest near this village with my friends for a vacation, now i lost my friends and my things are with them, i don't have anything except this cloths and my Mouth-organ. I'm very hungry now can you please give some thing to have..!"

Before he ends his sentence, Cinderella brought him some food items. The Doctor don't even saw her face, he just grabbed that food items and started to eat. After he had all of that, he thanked Cinderella and he saw her beautiful eyes which shows plenty of pleasure.

At that first sight he fell in love with her. Obviously, any guy who saw her pretty face and beautiful tresses will fell in love. But he doesn't saw her beautiful long black tresses yet.

Then Cinderella left that place. And the village people allowed him to stay there until he finds his friends. 

'Sun sets down'

On the night he looks around the village for Cinderella. He founds her place, but it is closed and there was a bright light glows inside her house. 

He knocked the door by asking "is anybody there?" but there is no reply. 

He didn't stop, he knocked it again and again. 

Then there was a sweet voice came from inside asking "who is that? and what you need?

He replies "i'm the doctor whom you helped morning, i just want to talk to you. can you open the door"

"no not now, i'll see you tomorrow under the big tree near the Lake" she said.

"just few words, please open the door" he said. "wait under the tree morning i'll surely come" she replied.

He can't leave that place before see her pretty face. He looks around that small house and found a little gap. A bright light ray came from that gap. He looks into that gap and he was shocked about what he saw.

On the next morning Cinderella was waiting under the big tree for him. Surprisingly she heard some music. She followed that and saw the Doctor playing the Mouth-organ. Suddenly she hide under a big rock.

After the doctor came there, she came out casually and walked towards him.

She asked "are you waiting for long time?"

"no, i came just now" he replies.

"Oh! OK tell me what's matter?" she asked.

He proposed his love to her by giving a beautiful wet Read Rose. She avoid his proposal and told "i'm not the right girl for you, i can't accept it sorry".

"Why Cinderella don't you like me?" he asked by holding her shoulder.

She can't control her emotion "i love you but i cant marry you, i'm not a normal girl" she cried.

He holds her hand, then hugged and said "i know about that".

She was shocked. He said all the things happened yesterday night.

And he continuous "When i saw you through the gap, i saw your black tresses are grown very longer and turned into grey color and it glows like a bright light. It was a shock to me, at that time a hand touched my shoulder, it increases my shocking. I turned to see who is that, i saw a old lady. suddenly she holds my hand and said that she is your mother and explained about your super tresses. She told that your tresses will look normal in sunlight and turns like this after the Sun sets and it will do everything you say. Finally she asked me about our love and i promised to her, i'll marry you. Then only i understood that it is a super power of you."

Image from  ziz-ther.deviantart.com

"You all are saying it is a super power, but for me it is a great problem. I cant live my life as a normal girl. I can't do somethings which everyone does. I want to feel free and live without any special powers. I want to mingle with people and share my soul with you. By having this power i can't do these things ever. I hate this... I completely hate this...!!!" she finished with tears.

"Oh my dear, don't cry. If it is your wish i'll find a solution for it" doctor says. "But how?" she asks. "Don't worry I know how to handle this come with me" then he bring her to her mother.

They asked about this to Cinderella's mother. And she asked him to don't even think about it. 
"Why?" doctor asked. "There is a way but it is too difficult to handle, and it is very dangerous if someone go behind it, then they will be lost" says Cinderella's mother.

"Tell me the way, and i will do it for my Love" said doctor.

"You have to reach the top of the hill near the forest, and you have to face 5 traps after that you have to find the 'couple of Speaking Doves' and bring them here. This is the way" mother says.   

 "No you don't do that, if it is my fate i'll accept it" Cinderella stops him. 

The Doctor kissed her and gave a rose and silently left that place with a smile.

Image from http://pharoahess.deviantart.com

Then the doctor start to travel towards the top of the Hill. And he faces the Traps of Five natural elements. It was too difficult for him to face those. But he defeated the traps.

Now he have to find the "couple of Speaking Doves". But it is not easy to find them, he searched everywhere on the top of the hill. He was so tired, he sat under a big tree and started to play his mouth-organ. While playing it, he has been distracted by a noise which came from the top of the tree. Suddenly he looks up and there was the couple of Speaking Doves arguing themselves. 

He explains the problem of Cinderella's super tresses to the Doves and they agree to go with him. But they put an agreement, "If wee have to come with you, you have to answer our questions". And the doctor agreed for that.

Doves started to question, "Which is the favorite color of Cinderella?".
He answered "White".
Doves asked "What would Cinderella do when she saw somebody is in trouble?"
He answered "Without no question she will Help them."
Doves asked "If we help Cinderella, what will you do for us?".
He answered "Anything you want me to".
Doves said "Sacrifice your soul for Cinderella."
He remains silently for a minute.    
Doves asked "Won't you do that, for her? why are you silent?"
He said "I have to share my soul with Cinderella. If i sacrifice it then who will do that?"
Now the Doves remains Silent, and they said "You are the perfect match for Cinderella, and you deserve that. Take us to Cinderella"

The Doctor reaches the Village with the Doves, and it seem to be Sunset. When he reaches Cinderella her Beautiful tresses turned into Grey glowing long tresses.

He gave her a kiss and hold that Grey glowing long tresses and said "with or without this you're my Soul-mate."

Now the Dove's did the magic.

Image from catholicjules.net
In their wedding ceremony, both of them released the Speaking Doves. And they ended with wedding kiss.  

Now Cinderella feels free and she is very happy without her super tresses. She enjoys her life which she wants to. She loves her Long Black Tresses and her soul-mate who made, that for her. 

Image from http://pharoahess.deviantart.com 

"...and that was the end of my hair problems!" Says Cinderella...

In this Cinderella's life, those couple of Speaking Dove's made the change. By putting an end to her hair problem.

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