Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sharp 12 Midnight...

Man near a Car
It seems sharp 12am.
Michal has came out from the Bar, walked towards his Car. Heard an agressive voice, suddenly turned around.
"Just a Slap with huge sound."
He opened his eyes, and can't realize is that dream or not. But he can still feel severe pain on his left ear, where he got slapped.

PS: Just a try on 55 fiction. Recently hosted a contest on 55 fiction prompt Ghost. So I've tried mine with the same prompt. Forgive me if I made a mistake. Otherwise tell your review or suggestion about it.

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Monday, 17 December 2012


Hi friends here are the results.... 

Please Note: The Idea of voting is just to encourage, not to differ best and worst. each entry stand as Best in unique way. So all are Best Fictionists. Thanks for sharing your creativity here. I really enjoyed it, hope you too.

        Names                                                              No. of Votes
1. Tanya Sehgal                                                        =>  4
2. Green Speck                                                        =>  6
3. Sayantini Bhattacharya                                          =>  4
4. Neha Agarwal                                                      =>  3
5. Anirudh                                                                =>  6
6. MuthuKumar.A                                                    =>  4
7. Tanaya Nath                                                        =>  6
8. Thewhitescape                                                     =>  3
9. Look For A Lovely Thing                                    =>  3 
10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)              =>  6

As we have 4 members who have got equal votes, here we're declaring those four as winners and other 6 as runner ups.

Thanks for your support and encouragement friends. You can grab your batches by copy pasting the HTML code below. Happy Blogging...!!!



Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Voting Begins..!!

Voting Lines are closed now,

Results are published click here


Now it's time to Vote...


Before announcing about Voting guidelines I thank every participants, for contributing and sharing their creations here. All the entries are really very Innovative, so every participants are at the best, in unique way. And thanks again for sharing your creation through this contest.

The voting lines are now open for the "Best 55 Fictionist Contest". And the voting Guidelines are given below...


  • You can cast up to 3 votes, but for 3 different entries.
  • No need to put vote for your own entry. It has been added already behalf of you. So every entry already has an vote behalf of it's Author. Other than that, you can encourage your readers to vote for your entry.
  • Participants and any of the Readers of Beginner(this blog) can vote(others votes will not be considered). Don't forgot to visit all the Entries/Links before deciding to Vote.
  • The voting lines will be closed on 16-12-2012(Sunday) midnight. After that results will be announced and Badges will be provided.

    Voting Format:

                     Serial number and Name of the participant followed by the reason or suggestions, If any.
                                               for example:   
                                                               1. Sasikumar
                                                               10. JOHN
                                                               5. Shilpa
                                                (Here goes the reason or suggestion)

                 You can send your votes through the Comment Box of this post. As I have enabled the comment moderation your votes won't be reviled before the results. Just enter your votes in given format and publish the comment that's it.

                  As we have 10 participants, the top 3 persons who gets the highest number of votes will be declared as the winners and other 7 persons will be declared as runner ups... So there will be two badges available Winner and Runner up!

    List of participants:

    1. Tanya Sehgal  6. MuthuKumar.A  
    2. Green Speck  7. Tanaya Nath  
    3. Sayantini Bhattacharya  8. Thewhitescape  
    4. Neha Agarwal  9. Look For A Lovely Thing  
    5. Anirudh  10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)  

    All the best for every one!!!

    Wednesday, 12 December 2012

    Independence or Dependence...!!!

    In an Indian Farmer's dream...

    Indian Farmer : Hey FDI Angel, Why did you came here?
    FDI Angel      : I came here to save the farmers and poor people of your country.

    Indian Farmer : Oh! great but How?
    FDI Angel      : I'll make some changes in consumerism, production and infrastructural development.

    Indian Farmer : These things will help the Higher Class people. How do we get benefit.?
    FDI Angel      : I've not yet, even think about it...

    Indian Farmer : So we poor people should face the consequences, and we have to depend you for everything.
    FDI Angel      : Yes, Of course.

    Indian Farmer : Then what will happen to our Independence.
    FDI Angel      : Nothing will happen for that. It'll be with me very safely.

    Indian Farmer : !!!!@#$%^&**!!!! Oh, God.
    FDI Angel      : Bye....!!!

    He woke up suddenly...
    Oh! Sh** this should not happen.
    He prayed to God. And gone to his work.

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    Tuesday, 11 December 2012

    Risk your Life to Live

    fisher men

    When I was into the ocean,
    My mind said,
    This is the only way for you to,
    Survive in this world,
    My heart said,
    Don't risk your life,
    Your loved ones are waiting at the sea shore.

    Dedicated to all fishermen who risks their life everyday to survive...

    Thursday, 6 December 2012

    Best 55 Fictionist Contest

    Entries are Closed now 

    Click Here for Results 

    It is the announcement of the contest Best 55 Fictionist. Recently I came through the word 55 Fiction. I don't know exactly what it is, so I have searched in Google and Blogosphere and Just got an idea to host this contest. I was already planed to host a contest for fellow bloggers, so I was thinking for a concept. This 55 Fiction admired me to host the contest on it.

    Here Exactly what 55 Fiction means,

                 55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.


    A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

    1.Fifty-five words or less.
    2.A setting,
    3.One or more characters,
    4.A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
    5.The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still cannot exceed seven words.

    Let me come to the point, here you have to write a short story about Ghost in 55 fiction format. You may write it in your own style but it should complies with the Criteria given above. Winners will be decided by the number of votes they've got.


    • Write a 55 Fiction about Ghost, it may be thriller, comedy, tragedy or anything in your own style. (Only One post per Blog)
    • Then link the URL of the post in given below INLINKZ tool.
    •  You can submit your entry till midnight of 12th DEC(next Wednesday).
    • After that voting will start. Another post will be published to announce the voting format and time, so keep in touch. 
    • Finally the Badges will be provided for the winners, they can use it in their Blog, to Show-Off.

    *It is mandatory to copy and paste the below sentence in your post

    This post is written for the Best 55 Fictionist Contest, hosted by Sasikumar Raja Blogs at Beginner

    You can share this with your friends and fellow bloggers who are Interested in participation

    All the Best Folks...!!!

    I still Love You. - My entry for the Get Published contest

    This Story is about the Love between two College going students Sharvan and Shalini (real names are changed) and the incidents happened in their life. Here narrator is Sharvan's friend. 

    As I mentioned earlier this is not just a story, this is an incident that has happened in the protagonists life.

    I'm not going to tell that the protagonists are perfect, vice and blah blah blah... 

    As like as everybody Sharvan is a simple college going guy, he has some dreams and ambitions, of course some good qualities but when there is a need. He stays as a paying guest in a well developed city but his native is a rural area.

    On the other end Shalini is an average scoring student but hard worker, who doesn't know other than her family, friends and college. Her friends circle is very small as she lives in her native village, which is located in deep south India. 

    The rest of the story is about how they've got introduced and how the love blossoms between them. Is they both carried it in good and bad situations. 

    And how the Devilish moment has came in their lovely life and what is the reason behind it, and how they suffered. 

    aggressive love 

    Because of that devilish incident, I believe in 

    "Situation and Society can make Angels to Daemons and Daemons to Angels"  

    This is not a usual love story which sets the genuine characters to make the story better. But it has the other real things and real characters to make the story even better. And filled with real emotions, incidents and twists. 

    This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India. 

    Monday, 3 December 2012

    My First Blog Award...!!!

    Liebster Blog

    Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers who has less readers. And it is also a motivational Award. 

    I'm very much happy to receive this Award. I thank my blog friend, blog reader "Tanya" blogs at "Coveted Dreams", for nominating my blog for this Award. It is my first and precious Blog award.

    Here are the details on receiving this award

    • Each person must post 11 things about themselves
    • Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
    • Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post
    • Go to their blog and Inform them about this
    • No tag backs

    11 Random things about me

    1. I'm a lazy guy
    2. I love Bike Ride
    3. I Believe in Quote Simplicity & Silence is your best attitude
    4. Little slow in making friends
    5. Hate people who try to behave possessive and love people who are really possessive
    6. Very happy to have such family and friends
    7. I thank god for everything
    8. I have great wish to become a good entrepreneur and many ambitions
    9. I'am not a great or good writer, I just write what I think and what I know
    10. Always I try to behave like a Vice and Matured person some times it works out well and some times it results in tragedy and comedy
    11. I like to play video games in which Heroism plays main role   

    And here goes my answers for the questions been put up

    1. Which is your favorite movie?
    Many movies are there in my list, If it is a superhero or novel based movie I'd love to watch it.

    2. Why do you blog?
    I have started it as a fun, and somewhere I got Interest and still I'am blogging as a Beginner, and lots of things are there to learn here

    3. If one day, a fairy asks "Make a Wish !", What will be it ?
    I wish to know everybody's thoughts and what they think

    4. What were you like as a child?
    Fun loving always...

    5. Love marriage or arrange, which one would you prefer?
    What ever the marriage be there should be some Love

    6.  Your first priority if you become a millionaire ?
    Always I give first priority to people, than money

    7. Candle light dinner or Long Drive?
    Long drive.....

    8. Ice-cream or Black Forest Cake?
    I like both Ice cream and Black forest cake..

    9. Short stories or poetry ?
    I like both, to write poetry we should have some inborn creativity, so it is difficult to write poetry than Short story.

    10.  How many hours do you spend on facebook daily?
    Maximum 20 min

    11. Cute or beautiful, what's your pick ?

    *Now here comes the interesting part, here is the list of fellow bloggers who are been nominated for this award, followed by the Questions you have to answer.

    Here is my Questions
    1. Describe you in one line?
    2. Why do you Blog?
    3. What is your Aim?
    4. If you have a Super Power what will you do?
    5. One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
    6. The person whom you miss desperately, why?
    7. Most memorable moment in your life?
    8. Social Networking in your view?
    9. Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
    10. One thing you like to change about yourself ?
    11. Your views on my Blog?   

    Here comes the list of Bloggers who Deserves this Award. I think these Guys really need this Recognition as a motivation..  Congrats folks....

    Expression of  Heart - Kriti Kandhari

    Live Your IMAGINATIONS!!! - Preeti Grag

    Pen Your Heart - sruthi kitcha

    Conversations - Purva

    Exploring Innerself - Gayatri Soni

    Bohemiaspeaks - Dr Mandeep Khanuja

    My Life My Ways - Neha Agarwal

    New Girl in the City - Garima Nagpal

    V.Vishnu's Pages - V.Vishnu

    Anirudh - Anirudh

    Though I haven't Interacted with you people, I always visit your blog for your writings. Congrats again....

    Post this Shield  as your Award... 
    Liebster Blog Award

    Happy Blogging...!!!

    Tuesday, 30 October 2012

    I Wish to...

    I wish to feel your breath forever,
    I wish to hear your voice forever,
    I wish to smell your tress forever,
    I wish to hold your hands forever,
    I wish to taste your kiss forever,
    I wish to sink in your eyes forever,
    I wish to react for your feelings forever,
    I wish to be there for you forever,
    And I wish to be the only one, who has your love forever.

    Monday, 15 October 2012

    The Perfect Marriage Life


    Where the Ego dies and Sacrifice begins
    There the Soulful Life begins

    That is the perfect marriage life.

    if you like it vote for it here

    Tuesday, 9 October 2012



    I'll be there for you,
    Whenever you rejoice in extreme Happiness, and
    Whenever you are in extreme Sadness.

    Tuesday, 18 September 2012

    "May you live to a ripe old age"

    "May you live to a ripe old age" How do you take this phrase..? As a blessing or as a curse.

    Consider this, the elderly population in India is continuously increasing and the problems they are facing is also increasing simultaneously. 60% of elderly couples in India are forced by their children to leave their homes. So the number of peoples in old age homes are constantly increasing and also most of the parents are now deciding to live in old age homes rather than living with their children.

    In India, unlike USA, parents do not leave their children on their own after they turn 18 but children find it hard to accept the fact that there are times when parents want to feel the love that they once shared with them.  

    There are times when parents just want to relax and want their children to reciprocate their care. Every parents wants to see their child grow and be successful but no parent wants their child to treat them like an unnecessary load on their responsibilities.

    Old age cannot be avoided. It is a phase of life, which will arrive and stay till death takes its toll.

    Our culture recognizes the status of the parents as that of God. A moral duty is put on the children to take care of their parents. But nowadays what we are observing in our society is that the children are not willing to take care of their parents, they do not want to spend money on them, they are treating their parents as aliens, they do not want to share an emotional bond with parents. These children are forgetting that the foundation of their life is built up by the parents. They are forgetting their moral and ethical duties towards their parents. This is because of fast life, industrialization, money oriented minds, inflation. Children have no time to look after their parents because of their busy schedule and as a consequence of this situation the elders are getting neglected. 

    The problems in old age is in two forms: emotional and physical. Many studies have proved that the two are actually interconnected. No precautionary measures can avoid these problems; senior citizens just have to face them bravely.

    But the only thing they need is love from their children and family. Those who can afford, try to reduce their guilt by sending their old parents to the home for the aged. But seldom do they realize that although their parents or grandparents may get physical care in these institutions, their emotional needs of affection and love by their own near and dear ones remain unfulfilled. What the youngsters of today fail to realize is that they will get old too some day and may have to meet a similar fate, because history is bound to repeat itself and a person reaps what he sows. 

    Why do we tend to forget that the reason we are in this world is our parents, the reason we studied is our parents, the reason we were alive all this while is our parents, the reason we survived all the diseases is our mother’s care. The hands who made us walk is our parents’. When we were kids we never thought of it but we knew that no matter what, our parents will be by our side. But when our time came to show our respect, to reciprocate the love, to show our gratitude, we back out.

    It's time to realize that our parents need us till the end. So don't soak them, love them don't treat them as a burden. They are waiting for the Soak No More state...

    Even when they are counting their last breath, they are still thinking of us!

    Wednesday, 22 August 2012

    Accessories to Sexual attraction

    Accessory is one of the things which we carry from earlier years to still now. Accessory of an object is to make the object more efficient, useful and to improve its features and to make it look stylish.

    When it comes to Human beings Accessories are major things to show off. What is the reason for you to wear an Accessory? Obviously, you like it, and to attract some folks, to look unique, and the last and main reason is to show your attitude to others through that. And it is implicit way to show your mood.
    Accessories of Boys
    Accessories of Girls

    But the real fact is, Accessories are the things that shows the character which the person intended to become and hides the real character of that person. For example if you saw a person who look like a rude guy because of his Accessories and Dressings but his real character will be very polite. So don’t judge the character of somebody only with the outlook.
    Why we are hiding our real character behind these Accessories? Because we are trying to attract somebody/everybody by showing “I’m unique and I differ from others”.

    The reason to attract somebody is to make them know your presence and make them to look at you. Nowadays most of the boys are trying to attract girls and most of the girls are trying to attract boys through the accessories. So the accessory is a common thing for both.

    But in earlier years, Accessories are designed for girls, to attract the guys. Because Accessories are used to decorate girls and make them look very pretty.

    Why the accessories are meant to be a decorative element for women?

    Aren't they pretty without these accessories?

    Because they are treated like objects, the term decorate refers to some objects that are intended to look pretty and attractive.

    Women are been treated like decorative objects in male dominated society. And they thought girls are born to serve men. Then the Accessories are been created to decorate women, to get the attention of men.

    Nowadays we are been influenced to do that, it is not our mistake it came from our ancestors. But there is a difference now the Accessories are available for both girls and guys to attract opposite sex. what’s the difference says is, after some struggles to get freedom for women as like as freedom of our country there are some changes in our society.

    Even though it is a male dominating society, some freedom is there for girls. Girls are doing many things as like as guys and in some areas they are doing even better than guys. Now guys are trying to attract girls as like as girls did in earlier years. So we both are trying to attract opposite sex through our outlooks and accessories and in many ways.

    Now men and women have same equality in our society. But there are many partiality and sexual harassment's are happening everyday to every girl in our country. Girls know how to handle those things. Hopefully there will be an end for that very soon, with the support of good guys in our country.

    So accessories are mainly designed to attract opposite sex. This is the way how I see the accessories. How do you see it? convey it through comments.

    Tuesday, 21 August 2012

    College Days 3

    The new friends Harsha, Harni and Peter attended their first day class. As the days roll on, Harsha and Harni become very close because they spend more time together in college and college bus and even in their home they were located near. So they become close friends, though Peter is in their gang.

    Peter has his own car he use it to come to college, he is very rich. So he spent less time with Harsha and Harni. Because of his carelessness Peter stayed as a below average student. Harsha is an average studying student and obviously Harni is a good scoring student. She help them both when it comes to studies.

    Both Harsha’s and Harni’s family situation is same, middle class family which needs their support physically and financially. So they both have to finish their degree with good grade and should get placed in a good company. Peter is already a part time Business man so there is no need for him to get good grade, he is studying just to get a degree certificate. His family background is high class and his father is one of the great Business magnets in that city.
    Their college life is going on very normal Harni is there to help them in studies and Peter is there to do anything for his friends they three are good friends to their class mates.

    After some weeks….

    That was another normal day. Harsha and Harni step down from their college bus and entered into the college. Harni holds a book in her hand and she gave the assignment papers of them to Harsha. They both are sincerely reading the book for their class test and walking towards their class room.

    Someone stopped them, “Excuse me, can you show me the first year classroom?”

    Harsha and Harni stopped reading and looked up to see who is that, Harsha was stunned. The person is a pretty modern girl looks very gorgeous. He just looked at her face and stood like a statue. He can’t hear the noise around him. Harni and that girl are discussing about something, after few minutes she left that place.

    College days

    Now Harni started to alert Harsha, she taped on his shoulder and called “Hey Harsha…, hey fool, are you here, hello…” finally she taped on his back head strongly. Now he realized what is happening.

    Harni asked “what happened dude? Are you Ok..!!”

    Harsha replied “ya harni I’m Ok” and asked “where is that girl? Is she new to our college?”

    “why are you asking?” Harni asked him.

    “she looks new, I didn’t saw her before, that’s why” he replied.

    Harni said “I know everything about you, you was mentally out of the world for few minutes”. She saw his hands those are empty and she shouted “Oh god where are the assignment papers?” and she found the assignment papers floating in the air, then they both caught all the papers by running behind it.

    “sorry Harni, I was completely impressed by her, that’s why I missed the assignment papers, I just wana know all about her. Who is she? what is her name?  where is she?” Harsha asked.
    Harni started to tell “Ok idiot friend, she is a new student to our class, her native is the nearest city, now she went to meet our Director of College”

    “Oh Ok,! what is her name?” Harsha asked.

    Harni replies “Yes I forgot to say, her name is Sowmya” and said “now you are going to meet her, give me the assignment papers I’ll submit it, I have to meet our Professor you go carry on see you in class…” she left that place.

    Now Harsha is walking towards the Director of College’s office.

    To be continued…

    Sunday, 29 July 2012

    College Days 2

    The two new students ‘Harsha’ and ‘Harni’ entered into the college, with many expectations about their college life and with little bit of nervousness. As it was a first day for fresher’s, the college management arranged the inauguration function for fresher’s. So every new student’s can know about each other. 

    Image credits

    Now we follow Harsha. After said bye to Harni he is now looking for the inauguration function hall. And he found a notice board which shows all detail about the function hall. As directed in the notice board Harsha walked towards the function hall. And he entered into it, now he has to find the reception and register his name. Suddenly someone taped on his shoulder and said “Hai brother!” Harsha turned his head and looked behind. There was a stylish guy who wore a T-shirt, jean and Goggles standing behind Harsha. And the stylish guy continues “I’m Peter, are you looking for the registration table? come with me I’ll show, just now only I have finished mine ” and he shows the registration table for Harsha, and guided him to fill it. Harsha thanked him.

    Peter says “come on man don’t say thanks to me here after. All right  tell me about yourself what’s your name where are you from bla bla  bla…

    Harsha begins to say “I’m Harsha….” And they both walked towards the function hall. After some time the inauguration function started. And the Director of the college begin to give welcome speech, then Peter started to sleep and told Harsha to wake him after they finished their speeches. Because, Peter hates this kind of speeches.
    After the speech, first year student’s started to introduce themselves. After that, the function ends. And they arranged a tea party for the student’s.

    Harsha and Peter came there to have their tea. There was a senior group teasing the new student’s. And making them to do, what the seniors want them to. One of the senior called Harsha and Peter. They both came there. The senior asked both of them to hold their ears and put sit-ups until they say stop. Now Harsha understood that they are raging them. And started to put sit-ups.

    Suddenly the senior called a girl who passed that way. Harsha looked at the girl and shocked. 
    The girl is Harni. And Harsha thinks “she gona find that I’m not a senior student Oh God! But it’s Ok she also going to put sit-ups like me HaHaa…”

    Harni came there. The senior asked “Harni how are you? Why are you here?”

    Harni replies “Now I’m a student of this college. And I’m your junior”

    “Oh Ok! See this juniors putting sit-ups, do you wana join?” senior said with smile.

    Harni looked at Harsha and Peter, and started to laugh. And thinks “Oh Harsha is not a senior, he was just tried to kidding me”

    “If you want me to do so, I’ll do but I will tell it to your mom tomorrow” said Harni

    “Cool! cousin just asked for fun, Ok you go I’ll handle them” senior replies

    Harni asked “Hey they are my friends let them go”

    “What your friends, Ok Ok. Hey stop you can go now” senior said to Harsha and Peter.

    Harni said bye to her cousin.

    Harsha, Harni and Peter are walked towards their classroom. Harsha and Peter said thanks to Harni.

    Harsha asked Harni “Harni, me and Peter want you to be a good friend of us, will you?”

    “Hey stop, you are already my friends” Harni replied

    They three joined their hands.

    Friday, 20 July 2012

    Importance of Hair and Hair care

    As compared to Girls, Guys are little bit lazy to do everything, including me. It continues when it comes to Hair Problems.

    Being a Guy it took long time for me to ‘realize the importance of Hair and Hair care’ after suffered by many Hair Problems.

    I thought ‘hair care is not that much important for guys’. But my hair taught me a good lesson about it.

    As like as everyone, I have experienced my first hair problem in teenage. It is not because of hormone changes, it is because of my carelessness.

    When I was a kid, my hair looked silky soft, smooth and thick. I received many complements from my friends and relatives about my hair. So I feel very blessed.

    As I turned to teenager. I used some materials to style my hair. I used hairspray, hair color, and hair gels etc.. I used these accessories to look stylish and modern. Even though I know these items are chemical and alcoholic contents I started to use it. Because I have studied somewhere that hair grows from dead cells. So when we cut the hair it doesn’t pain. So I thought using these accessories won’t affect. And these materials gave different stylish looks to my hair. At that time I don’t know there is lots of stress behind that.

    After sometimes I have had my first experience of hair problem, it started with hair fall. When I comb my hair every day I saw my hair fall increases. And simultaneously it loses its silky soft texture and turned to dry hair. Day by day it increased and my hair loosed its original texture.
    I was worried about it and I realized how much hair is important to a guy, and if it goes like this I’ll be bald quickly.

    Now it is the time to change. I started to know the hair care tips from many girls and family members and friends.

    Finally I filtered some easy steps to follow, they are

    ·         Oil your hair regularly it will bring back your silky softness,
    ·         Wash your hair two/three times in a week with good shampoo and good conditioner.
    ·         Try to avoid using chemical products like hair spray, hair color and hair gel etc… because stylish hair won’t last but healthy hair does.
    ·         Last but not least, maintain good lifecycle eat, sleep and do your work, in correct timings regularly.

    Even much more things are there to put an end to your hair problems. But these things are enough for guys to maintain healthy hair.

    And finally these simple steps worked well and my hair started to regain its silky softness, thickness and all its textures back.

    After sometimes it seems difficult to do oil regularly in this busy life. And as like many folks I don’t like oils.

    So I prefer “DoveNourishing Oil Care”. It is much better than using oils.

    Because of its “Fiber actives and Revolutionary Vita Oils” smoothness, shine and softness will be restored.

    As “Dove Nourishing Oil Care” is one of the “Dove Damage Therapy” it can give good treatment by deeply nourishing and replenishing essential nutrients. And it contains natural Coconut, Almond and Sunflower oils which can replenish essential vitamins.

    When I used Dove for the first time. I used it as directed on the backside. It gives the softness to my hair in first wash.

    Then I started to use it three times a week. It adds the softness, silkiness, smoothness and thickness to my hair. And that was the end of my hair problems!

    Then I changed the hair care steps as shown below,

    ·         Wash your hair two/three times in a week with good shampoo (Dove Nourishing Oil Care) and good conditioner (Dove Nourishing Oil Care).
    ·         Try to avoid using chemical products like hair spray, hair color and hair gel etc… because stylish hair won’t last but healthy hair does.
    ·         Last but not least, maintain good lifecycle eat, sleep and do your work, in correct timings regularly.

    These steps are much easier than above mentioned steps.

    Are you aware about your hair?

    Check this out Dove Hair-Aware App and it will show you the correct treatment for your hair problems.

    This post is written for the Indiblogger’s Dove contest under

    If you like it, do vote for it here.

    I thank Indiblogger and Dove for sending me a wonderful gift hamper.

    ...Thanks for reading...

    Wednesday, 11 July 2012

    College Days 1

    There is a boy, who has finished his schooling's and awaiting for his first day of College. As like as everybody he is very excited about his college life. And the day came.

    Morning 6o'clock the alarm rings. There is a voice which says "come on 'Harsha' wake up, it is first day. if you miss the college bus then that will be a big problem". yes his name is Harsha.

    He woke up. After some time he is ready and his mother asked him to have breakfast. He is so exited and nervous about his first day. He had his breakfast faster and ran.

    Before he reach there, the College bus came. He saw the bus and run towards it, finally he got the bus. His heart beat is now at the peak, he is looking for a place to sit. But there is no seat for him. The bus was already full, he decided to sit on the steps.

    He watched others in the bus, everyone are very busy with their work. He try to talk with a guy who wear a big specs.

    Harsha asked "are you new to this college?"
    He replies "no."
    "Then which year you're?" asked  Harsha .
    "3rd year, i have an important presentation today we'll chat later" he replies. 
    "OK carry on" said  Harsha 

    Now the bus reached the next stop, but nobody is there. Bus stays there for 5 mins nobody has come, then the bus started to move on.

    Suddenly a sweet voice traveled along the air which shouts "Stop, Stop, Stop the bus!"
    Harsha looks outside of the bus, he saw a girl running towards the bus and shouting to stop it. He asked the driver to stop the bus, and the bus stopped. 

     Harsha helped the girl to get in, and she is at the same condition as Harsha. Now her heart beat is at peak. 

    "Have some water" said Harsha, and he gave his water bottle.
    She replies "no thanks i have my own."
    Then Harsha goes to his place and sat down and watched her.

    The girl looks everywhere for a place. 
    Harsha thinks "there is no seats ma that's why i'm here, same situation for you now. this is single door bus , there is no way you have to stand. ha ha..."
    But the girl came to him and asked "shall we share this place?"
    And he was aw-wk! and then agreed.

    After some time she asked the same question which Harsha asked to the specs guy. "Is this your first day to this college?"
    He remains silent and asked her "what about you?"
    "I'm new to this college, and i have many expectations about my College Days." she said.
    Now Harsha decided to act like a senior student. 
    He said "i'm a 3rd year student."
    He continuous "You have to call me senior sir" and asked "what's your name?"
    Now she is scared and replied "i'm 'Harni'!"

    The bus reached the college.
    "now you can go, but meet me evening in bus shedsaid Harsha...
    Both of them stepped into their college .........!!!!!!!

    Continue reading...... 
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