Wednesday, 11 July 2012

College Days 1

There is a boy, who has finished his schooling's and awaiting for his first day of College. As like as everybody he is very excited about his college life. And the day came.

Morning 6o'clock the alarm rings. There is a voice which says "come on 'Harsha' wake up, it is first day. if you miss the college bus then that will be a big problem". yes his name is Harsha.

He woke up. After some time he is ready and his mother asked him to have breakfast. He is so exited and nervous about his first day. He had his breakfast faster and ran.

Before he reach there, the College bus came. He saw the bus and run towards it, finally he got the bus. His heart beat is now at the peak, he is looking for a place to sit. But there is no seat for him. The bus was already full, he decided to sit on the steps.

He watched others in the bus, everyone are very busy with their work. He try to talk with a guy who wear a big specs.

Harsha asked "are you new to this college?"
He replies "no."
"Then which year you're?" asked  Harsha .
"3rd year, i have an important presentation today we'll chat later" he replies. 
"OK carry on" said  Harsha 

Now the bus reached the next stop, but nobody is there. Bus stays there for 5 mins nobody has come, then the bus started to move on.

Suddenly a sweet voice traveled along the air which shouts "Stop, Stop, Stop the bus!"
Harsha looks outside of the bus, he saw a girl running towards the bus and shouting to stop it. He asked the driver to stop the bus, and the bus stopped. 

 Harsha helped the girl to get in, and she is at the same condition as Harsha. Now her heart beat is at peak. 

"Have some water" said Harsha, and he gave his water bottle.
She replies "no thanks i have my own."
Then Harsha goes to his place and sat down and watched her.

The girl looks everywhere for a place. 
Harsha thinks "there is no seats ma that's why i'm here, same situation for you now. this is single door bus , there is no way you have to stand. ha ha..."
But the girl came to him and asked "shall we share this place?"
And he was aw-wk! and then agreed.

After some time she asked the same question which Harsha asked to the specs guy. "Is this your first day to this college?"
He remains silent and asked her "what about you?"
"I'm new to this college, and i have many expectations about my College Days." she said.
Now Harsha decided to act like a senior student. 
He said "i'm a 3rd year student."
He continuous "You have to call me senior sir" and asked "what's your name?"
Now she is scared and replied "i'm 'Harni'!"

The bus reached the college.
"now you can go, but meet me evening in bus shedsaid Harsha...
Both of them stepped into their college .........!!!!!!!

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