Friday, 27 January 2012

NANO for Cancer in Future

You know about NANO Technology,  It is the future of the world.  And it will rule the World. In one line we can say "NANO the King of the future."  Let me come to the point, NANO as Medicine.

NANO for Cancer Treatment


            NANO can be used as a medicine for Cancer, in future. Some research is going on to implement it soon. The NANO element called "NANO Diamond" will be used for this treatment. It will be injected into the Cancer affected part in Human body, then the NANO Diamond will destroy the Cancer affected Cells in that part. The NANO Diamond can easily identify the affected and not-affected Cells in that Tissue. So there is no chance for Cell loss.
                  Nowadays there is a treatment called Hemotherapy. In this method all cells in the Cancer affected Tissue will be destroyed so there will be much Cell loss. Here not-affected Cell will also be destroyed so the NANO Diamond treatment is much advanced one. The Expectations for this treatment is very high.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Internet Censorship: BBC World Service

A poll of 27,973 adults in 26 countries, including 14,306 Internet users, was conducted for the BBC World Service by the international polling firm GlobeScan using telephone and in-person interviews between 30 November 2009 and 7 February 2010. GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller felt, overall, that the poll showed that:
Despite worries about privacy and fraud, people around the world see access to the internet as their fundamental right. They think the web is a force for good, and most don’t want governments to regulate it.
Findings from the poll include:
  • Nearly four in five (78%) Internet users felt that the Internet had brought them greater freedom.
  • Most Internet users (53%) felt that "the internet should never be regulated by any level of government anywhere".
  • Opinion was evenly split between Internet users who felt that “the internet is a safe place to express my opinions” (48%) and those who disagreed (49%). Somewhat surprisingly users in Germany and France agreed the least, followed by users in highly filtered countries such as China and South Korea, while users in Egypt, India and Kenya agreed more strongly.
  • The aspects of the Internet that cause the most concern include: fraud (32%), violent and explicit content (27%), threats to privacy (20%), state censorship of content (6%), and the extent of corporate presence (3%).
  • Almost four in five Internet users and non-users around the world felt that access to the Internet was a fundamental right (50% strongly agreed, 29% somewhat agreed, 9% somewhat disagreed, 6% strongly disagreed, and 6% gave no opinion). And while there is strong support for this right in all of the countries surveyed, it is surprising that the United States and Canada were among the top five countries where people most strongly disagreed that access to the Internet was a fundamental right of all people (13% in Japan, 11% in the U.S., 11% in Kenya, 11% in Pakistan, and 10% in Canada strongly disagree).

   No censorship
   Some censorship
   Under surveillance
   Heavy surveillance ("Internet black holes")

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Facebook Top 10 Like Winners Today

          This is the list of the Facebook Top 10 like winners Today. Check it out for your Favorite...!!! 
          This list has been noted by the percentage of Male fans and Female fans

Monday, 16 January 2012

Getting Social: Online Marketing

Create a successful social media presence

Does this sound like you? Have you been looking at Twitter and Facebook for the last couple of years muttering ‘it’ll never catch on’ or ‘it’s just for kids’? Even if social media falls flat on its bottom tomorrow (and this is very very unlikely), today it’s making your competitors money so ready or not it’s time to jump on the social media train. Whether you’re completely new to the idea of social media or you’ve been letting a third party run it till now, if you’re about to start looking after your own social presence here’s a few things you need to bear in mind.

Know Your Objectives

You wouldn’t get in your car and start driving without knowing your end destination and you wouldn’t set up a business without knowing exactly what you want to achieve so your social campaign shouldn’t be any different. Before you start creating or taking over various accounts make sure you know what you want to get from your social media, is it just for lead generation or is it brand management or is it an extension of your customer services? It doesn’t have to be one or the other it could be a mixture but you do need to know what you’re looking to achieve in order to be able to measure its effectiveness. Social media can be very time consuming so you need to make sure it’s the right business decision for you.

Establish Your Personality

Your social media presence is not your website, it doesn’t have to have the same corporate feel or the same corporate tone of voice. It needs to sound and feel more social and more informal, people don’t want to be friends with a brand but they’ll be friends with a brand if it sounds friendly and fun. Establish a tone of voice for your social accounts and identify how it’s going to differ from your website tone of voice; it might even differ from the tone of voice used in your blog.

Be Consistent

There’s nothing worse than subscribing to a blog that publishes two posts every week then goes months without doing anything only to get a couple of dozen posts out in a week. No one wants an erratic friend so make sure you’ve not only got the time now to invest in your social media but make sure you’re also going to have the time six months down the line. This doesn’t mean you need to automate updates to go out every hour on the hour, a few automated updates will be fine but you need to make sure you’ve got more going out by hand.

Make New Friends

The emphasis in social networking is social, the whole point is you interact and talk to people and not just people you want to make a sale from. If you sell bathroom accessories and someone is asking a general plumbing question offer an answer, they might not buy anything from you now but they’ll remember you when they do need to make a purchase and you might even make a sale from someone else who see’s your reply. People would rather buy off people they can see know what they’re talking about.

Get Everyone Involved

Social media can suck time and you won’t even be aware just how much time it is taking up. Rather than worrying about all your time being swallowed get a few people in the company to work with you. This team doesn’t have to compromise of marketing people, anyone who knows the business and product can get involved in your social campaign. Make sure your team is working together, make sure they all know the objectives and the tone of voice and make sure they’re coordinated enough to make sure any questions are answered straight away and just the once.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thane Cyclone Relief Work

The Thane Cyclone has hit the coastal area of Cuddalore district. Eureka Child Foundation is working in a large number of villages in Cuddalore district and the Eureka coordinators from there called up to say they have been visiting various villages to assess the damage.

  1. Govt has set up relief camps in several main villages. But people in the interior hamlets still need basic relief support.
  2. Many huts in the interior villages have been totally destroyed. We will start supporting the re-building of the huts once the rain stops.
  3. There is a need for food and clothes supply. Our team is making local arrangement for food in some places. They have asked us to collect clothes as they will be needed in large numbers.
  4. Most roads are blocked and travel is currently not easy. Once Govt clears the roads, we can have volunteers visiting and helping with relief work.

Current Needs
  1. Clothes - children's clothes, sarees, blouse, shirt, pants and lots of blankets.
  2. Rice, dal and sugar bags (rest our field teams will arrange locally as transportation will be difficult).
  3. Other than this the people needs Lights in night, candles are much needed there. 
Drop Point
    You can drop off these materials at the Eureka (AID INDIA) office at:

    AID INDIA, 7/4, Besant Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai. Phone: 28350403

Directions: From Music Academy, come on TTK Road towards Royapettah. Make a left onto Lloyods Road. Second right (next to a big transformer) is Besant Road. (Ask for Shivaji Films - its on the same road).

For collections contact: Mamta Sundar @ 9840429888 or Jaya @ 8939820440

  1. Volunteers who can help with hut re-building. (Must be physically fit and ready to leave in 2-3 days and should be able to stay there for 3-4 days.) (Please email with your name, cell number, email and how long you can stay there to: Prabha:, 98403-51132
  2. Volunteers in Chennai who want to help with collection, sorting and organizing, please contact Selva @ 97909-51652

To Help online and donate Please click here : Thane Relief Work 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Delhi High Court: Warning to Facebook and Google

The Indian government has sanctioned the prosecution of executives from companies like Google and Facebook for objectionable content posted online.

Yesterday the Delhi High Court warned that like China, India can shut down this sites.
21 Internet companies are in legal trouble. Charges against them will include "promoting enemity between groups" and "delebirate malicious acts intended to outrage."

A Lower Court in Delhi has also asked the government to issue summons to more than 10 companies who have said they are head-quartered abroad, like Facebook, Yahoo, and YouTube. The executives of all 21 companies have been ordered to appear in court on March 13. They may face criminal charges.

Google and Facebook have applied against the lower court's proceedings in the Delhi High Court, which will consider the matter on Monday.

Regarding this Internet companies says,
          "No human interference is possible, and moreover, it can't be feasible to check such incidents. Billions of people across the world posts their articles on the website."

That met an angry response from the Delhi High Court yesterday, which says,
          "You just have a stringent check. Otherwise, like China, we may pass orders banning all such websites."  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Focus on 2nd as Romney eyes New Hampshire win

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) - With Mitt Romney poised to stride toward the Republican presidential nomination by capturing New Hampshire on Tuesday, all eyes were on whether he could win big enough to convince his party he is the best candidate to defeat Democrat Barack Obama.

Despite rivals' fierce eleventh-hour attacks that he is a heartless corporate raider who enjoys cutting jobs, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts carried a sizeable poll lead into primary day.
Romney's cushion was sufficient enough to force leading rivals Ron Paul, who appeals to New Hampshire's anti-government strain, and Jon Huntsman, who has campaigned almost exclusively in the state, into a battle to be a strong runner-up.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Tuesday showed Romney was way ahead of rival Republicans nationally, although he still trailed Obama by five points in the White House race. Thirty percent of Republicans in the poll would vote for Romney, compared to 18 percent a month ago.

But Romney is gaining on Obama. In December he trailed the president by an eight percentage point margin in the same poll.

Romney would be the first Republican who is not an incumbent president to win the first two early voting states, after his slim eight-vote victory over former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum a week ago in Iowa.
A resounding win would provide momentum going into South Carolina on January 21 and Florida on January 31. Romney leads in polls of both states and victories there would all but sew up his nomination to face Obama as he seeks re-election on November 6.

It was unclear how much damage had been done by a mess of his own making in which Romney declared on Monday: "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me," in discussing the need for greater competition between health insurance companies.

In a sharp departure for a party known as friendly to business, Republicans seeking to slow Romney seized on the comment to bash his time at Bain Capital, a firm that bought companies and restructured them.
Gingrich has launched the toughest onslaught.

"Mitt Romney was not a capitalist during his reign at Bain. He was a predatory corporate raider," "When Mitt Romney Came to Town," a 27-minute video produced by a pro-Gingrich group, said.

Results should start flowing in shortly after New Hampshire voting stations close at 7 p.m. EST (midnight GMT).

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sachin Tendulkar and 99 Centuries

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar  is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and one-day international cricket. He is the first male player to score a double century in ODI cricket. In 2002, just 12 years into his career, Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Donald Bradman, and the second greatest one-day-international (ODI) batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards.Tendulkar was an integral part of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winning Indian team at the later part of his career, his first such win in six World Cup appearances for India.
Tendulkar is the first and the only player in Test Cricket history to score fifty centuries, and the first to score fifty centuries in all international cricket combined; he now has 99 centuries (48 ODI & 51Test cricket) in international cricket.

Playing style

Tendulkar is cross-dominant: He bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but writes with his left hand. He also practices left-handed throws at the nets on a regular basis. Cricinfo columnist Sambit Bal has described him as the "most wholesome batsman of his time". His batting is based on complete balance and poise while limiting unnecessary movements and flourishes. He appears to show little preference for the slow and low wickets which are typical in India, and has scored many centuries on the hard, bouncy pitches in South Africa and Australia.He is known for his unique punch style of hitting the ball over square. He is also renowned for his picture-perfect straight drive, often completed with no follow-through. Straight drive is his favourite shot.In 2008 Sunil Gavaskar, in an article he wrote in the AFP, remarked that "it is hard to imagine any player in the history of the game who combines classical technique with raw aggression like the little champion does".
Sir Donald Bradman, considered by many as the greatest batsman of all time, considered Tendulkar to have a batting style similar to his. In his biography, it is stated that Bradman was most taken by Tendulkar's technique, compactness and shot production, and had asked his wife to have a look at Tendulkar, having felt that Tendulkar played like him. Bradman's wife, Jessie, agreed that they did appear similar.


Tendulkar sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year through Apnalaya, a Mumbai-based NGO associated with his mother-in-law, Annabel Mehta. A request from Sachin on Twitter raised INR1.025 crore (US$194,750) through Sachin's crusade against cancer for the Crusade against Cancer foundation. Sachin Tendulkar devoted all of nine hours to the 12-hour Coca-Cola-NDTV Support My School telethon on 18 September 2011 that helped raise INR 7 crore - INR 2 crore more than the target - for from the creation of basic facilities, particularly toilets for girl students, in 140 government schools across the country.


Tendulkar has been honoured with the Padma Vibhushan award, India's second highest civilian award, and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, India's highest sporting honour. Tendulkar became the first sportsperson and the first person without an aviation background to be awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force. He has received honorary doctorates from University of Mysore and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences He won the 2010 Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for cricketer of the year at the ICC awards.

Those lists mentions the 99 international centuries of our Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar up to today. The world is now waiting of his 100th century. Hope he'll made it soon and let's wish him for that...

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Monday, 9 January 2012

Mullaperiyar Dam Safety

         After the 1979 Morvi Dam failure which killed up to 25,000 people, safety concerns of the aging Mullaperiyar dam's and alleged leaks and cracks in the structure were raised by the Kerala Government. A Kerala government institution, Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS), Thiruvananthapuram, had reported that the structure would not withstand an earthquake above magnitude 6 on the Richter scale. The dam was also inspected by the Chairman, CWC (Central Water Commission). On the orders of the CWC, the Tamil Nadu government lowered the storage level from 142.2 feet to 136 feet, conducted safety repairs and strengthened the dam.
Strengthening measures adopted by Tamil Nadu PWD from 1979 onwards include cable anchoring of the dam's structure and RCC backing for the front slope. During a recent scanning of the Mullaperiyar dam using a remotely operated vehicle by the Central Soil and Materials Research Station on directions from the Empowered Committee of the Supreme Court, the Kerala Government observer opined that "mistakes in the strengthening works carried out by Tamil Nadu" in 1979 damaged the masonry of the dam.
Current safety concerns hinge around several issues. Since the dam was constructed using stone ruble masonry with lime mortar grouting following prevailing 19th century construction techniques that have now become archaic, seepage and leaks from the dam have caused concern. Moreover, the dam is situated in a seismically active zone. An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale occurred on June 7, 1988 with maximum damage in Nedumkandam and Kallar (within 20 km of the dam). Consequently several earthquake tremors have occurred in the area in recent times. These could be reservoir-induced seismicity, requiring further studies according to experts. A report by IIT Roorkee states that the dam "was likely to face damage if an earthquake of the magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale struck its vicinity when the water level is at 136 feet".

For Tamil Nadu, the Mullaperiyar dam and the diverted Periyar waters act as a lifeline for Theni, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramnad districts, providing water for irrigation and drinking, and also for generation of power in Lower Periyar Power Station. Tamil Nadu has insisted on exercising its unfettered rights to control the dam and its waters, based on the 1866 lease agreement. Kerala has pointed out the unfairness in the 1886 lease agreement and has challenged its validity. However, safety concerns posed by the 116-year old dam to the safety of the people of Kerala in the event of a dam collapse, have been the focus of disputes from 2009 onwards. Kerala's proposal for decommissioning the dam and constructing a new one has been challenged by Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu has insisted on raising the water level in the dam to 142 feet, pointing out crop failures. One estimate states that "the crop losses to Tamil Nadu, because of the reduction in the height of the dam, between 1980 and 2005 is a whopping INR 40,000 crores. In the process the farmers of the erstwhile rain shadow areas in Tamil Nadu who had started a thrice yearly cropping pattern had to go back to the bi-annual cropping."

Construction of new Dam

                 Kerala enacted the Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation (Amendment) Act, 2006 to ensure safety of all 'endangered' dams in the State, listed in the second schedule to the Act. Section 62A of the Act provides for listing in the schedule, "details of the dams which are endangered on account of their age, degeneration, degradation, structural or other impediments as are specified". The second schedule to the Act lists Mullaperiyar (dam) constructed in 1895 and fixes 136 feet as its maximum water level. The Act empowers Kerala Dam Safety Authority (Authority specified in the Act) to oversee safety of dams in the State and sec 62(e) empowers the Authority to direct the custodian (of a dam) "to suspend the functioning of any dam, to decommission any dam or restrict the functioning of any dam if public safety or threat to human life or property, so require". The Authority can conduct periodical inspection of any dam listed in the schedule.
In pursuance of Kerala's dam safety law declaring Mullaperiyar dam as an endangered dam, in September 2009, the Ministry of Environment and Forests of Government of India granted environmental clearance to Kerala for conducting survey for new dam downstream. Tamil Nadu approached Supreme Court for a stay order against the clearance; however, the plea was rejected. Consequently, the survey was started in October, 2009. On Sept. 9, 2009 stated it had already communicated to the Government of India as well as to the Government of Kerala that there is no need for construction of a new dam by the Kerala Government, as the existing dam after it is strengthened, functions like a new dam. 


Monday, 2 January 2012

tsunami List

This article lists notable historic tsunamis, which are sorted by the date and location that the tsunami occurred.
6100 BC: Norwegian Sea
1600 BC: Santorini, Greece
426 BC: Malian Gulf, Greece
373 BC: Helike, Greece
79 AD: Gulf of Naples, Italy
365 AD: Alexandria, Eastern Mediterranean
684 AD: Hakuho, Japan
869 AD: Sendai, Japan
887 AD: Ninna Nankai, Japan
1293: Kamakura, Japan
1303: Eastern Mediterranean
1361: Shōhei Nankai, Japan
1498: Meiō Nankai, Japan
1541: Nueva Cadiz, Venezuela
1605: Keichō Nankaido, Japan
1607: Bristol Channel, Great Britain
1698: Seikaido-Nankaido, Japan
1700: Vancouver Island, Canada
1707: Hōei, Japan
1741: W. Hokkaido, Japan
1755: Lisbon, Portugal
1771: Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa, Japan
1792: Mount Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan
1833: Sumatra, Indonesia
1854: Nankai, Tokai, and Kyushu Japan
1855: Edo, Japan
1868: Hawaiian Islands
1868: Arica, Chile
1883: Krakatoa, Sunda Strait, Indonesia
1896: Meiji Sanriku, Japan
1908: Messina, Italy
1923: Kanto, Japan
1929: Newfoundland
1933: Showa Sanriku, Japan
1944: Tonankai, Japan
1946: Nankaidō, Japan
1946: Aleutian Islands
1952: Severo-Kurilsk, Kuril Islands, USSR
1958: Lituya Bay, Alaska, USA
1960: Valdivia, Chile
1963: Vajont Dam, Monte Toc, Italy
1964: Niigata, Japan
1964: Alaska, USA
1976: Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines
1979: Tumaco, Colombia
1980: Spirit Lake, Washington, USA
1983: Sea of Japan
1993: Okushiri, Hokkaido, Japan
1998: Papua New Guinea
2004: Indian Ocean
2006: South of Java Island
2006: Kuril Islands
2007: Solomon Islands
2007: Niigata, Japan
2009: Samoa
2010: Chile
2011: New Zealand
2011: Pacific coast of Japan
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