Thursday, 17 October 2013

Unity and Diversity in Modern Indian Society

India is one of the countries which are famous for "Unity in Diversity". In our modern Indian society, are we losing our Unity? Is Diversity dominating our country? Some of the recent issues in India made this thought to root in us.

People from different religions live here in India but all are undoubtedly united by one sole feeling of ‘Being an Indian’ this is the main reason for unity. The diversity depends on the language, religion, region, culture and caste. As we all know these are the main part of our Indian History, we have studied it in our school days. As I belong to Modern Indian Society I'd like to see Unity and Diversity in my aspect.

Modern Indian society

One of the all time trending news in India is issue between two groups, two communities, two states, two religions and even between two people, yes everything starts as small. I live in south India many problems are there between each states the main reason for those problem is sharing some resource to others. Many people say that politicians are the main reason behind these problems but each and every citizen should accept the blame.

As I mentioned earlier everything starts as small for example if a child refuse to share his/her snakes to others that's the starting point. Dear younger generation of India, we have to teach our children about sharing what we have got, care for others, to respect people and how to handle our Indian society. Before doing so, we have to know about those things. I think these are the main qualities of survival of the fitness.

Nowadays we don't respect people instead of that we respect the things they have got. A single mobile phone sets the status of a person. We are forgetting people and running behind the things and teaching the same to the next generation. Let them to be close with people not with things. If your children wants to play with their friend let them go, don't buy them a video game to play. Then only they will know how to treat other people and to see our Indian society with respect.

Most of the festivals in our country are celebrated all over India in the same day may be some difference is there like, name of the festival and the procedure to celebrate. But the reason for celebrating is same. So Indians are very much related, no matter where they live and which region they belong to. If we do a research on that we can find how are we related and where are we separated. If you are a history student it will be easy for you.

So we should respect every other language, religion, people and city. No country in the world has so many language and religion. We should be proud of it. We should set a good example for our future generations.

Proud to be an Indian!!!

PS: Written a post about a social issue after a long time. If you like it please do share and give your valuable comments - Sasikumar Raja 

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love at it's peak

elderly love

I was in my orphanage on that day.
He came there and said "I promise you, I'll never let you feel alone".

That is the moment, where we are started. Now we have four Grand Children.
I know he will never break his promise.

I dedicate this to all lovers who wants to live their whole life with love.


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