Thursday, 21 June 2012

Luxury Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

It might not be another palace on wheels, but a ride in Baldev Raj's three-wheeler will definitely be different from your usual auto rickshaw experience.

For, with TV, telephone, newspaper, fan and cold water facilities, DL-IR H3013 is perhaps the only luxury auto rickshaw in the city. 

What more, while Baldev does not charge extra for any of the facilities. one local call is free for all passengers from his mobile phones. he is also very particular about going by the meter.

While TV and telephone may be sheer luxuries, Baldev is also aware of his social responsibilities. he charges 10 per cent less from senior citizens and provides free service to the injured.

Apart from the facilities, a lot of detailing has gone into doing up the vehicle's interior: Curtains, little soft pillows, artificial flowers and even media reports on the luxury vehicle are on display.

According to Baldev, ever since he started plying the deluxe vehicle around two-and-a-half years ago (before that he drove 'ordinary' autos), all he has got is appreciation.

"People are very supportive. Some days back, somebody called me up from the US saying her son had traveled in my auto when in Delhi. It felt so wonderful.
There are instances when children fiddle with the accessories in the vehicle, but they are rare," says Baldev. 

Baldev has inspired many auto drivers in his locality.

-Times of India

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