Saturday, 7 July 2012

Is hair problems are only for Girls? .....

Is the hair problems are only for Girls? .....

Obviously the answer is NO....

Why don't Dove prefer Guys to act on add's? Because Hair Problems are not only for Girls. Isn't it....

What are the Hair problems for Guys?  Bald, Grey Hair. These are the main things which will come to our mind.

This is the story of my Hair Problems....

When i was in 15 i had my first Hair problem Hair fall.
My mom told me "use oil daily, your hair is too rough and thin. if this Hair fall continues, you will become Bald soon, like your Grandpa..."
From that i have started to used oil regularly, even i don't like oils. And this problem somewhat Ends.

And then, when i was nearly in 19, one day i saw a Grey Hair on my head. This time i asked my friends, they told me to cut off that hair, because it is only one. So it is easy to do so, and i did it.

After some weeks i found many Grey Hairs, Now i decided to ask my mom.

She brought me some natural oils and natural hair powders. Those are not working.

Finally we consulted a Doctor, She gave me some Tablets and Oils. And she asked me to take this treatments at least for one year.

But i can't do that, because i have to start my Higher Studies in another State.
Then i used to apply Hair Colors.

Till now i'm using Hair colors. Now i'm 21, there was a problem again, the Hair color is not lasting. So i colored my hair twice a month.

Some days before, i saw the Dove Add in TV.
By that, i came to know about the Dove color Repair.
And i used it, now my Hair Color is lasting and that was the end of my hair problems!

Two days before i used the  Dove hair-aware app. to ensure that my hair is now perfect. But i shocked, i 
have some other problems. And  Dove hair-aware app. shows me a correct solution Dove Nourishing oil care. As i don't like to use oil, i'm using Dove Nourishing oil care

Now i believe as Dove says  "Your Hair will be looking Perfect but it is not Perfect". 

Make the Dove test here Dove hair-aware app 

Some of the Dove products are:

Click on Dove to have Dove Hair Aware

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