Sunday, 29 July 2012

College Days 2

The two new students ‘Harsha’ and ‘Harni’ entered into the college, with many expectations about their college life and with little bit of nervousness. As it was a first day for fresher’s, the college management arranged the inauguration function for fresher’s. So every new student’s can know about each other. 

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Now we follow Harsha. After said bye to Harni he is now looking for the inauguration function hall. And he found a notice board which shows all detail about the function hall. As directed in the notice board Harsha walked towards the function hall. And he entered into it, now he has to find the reception and register his name. Suddenly someone taped on his shoulder and said “Hai brother!” Harsha turned his head and looked behind. There was a stylish guy who wore a T-shirt, jean and Goggles standing behind Harsha. And the stylish guy continues “I’m Peter, are you looking for the registration table? come with me I’ll show, just now only I have finished mine ” and he shows the registration table for Harsha, and guided him to fill it. Harsha thanked him.

Peter says “come on man don’t say thanks to me here after. All right  tell me about yourself what’s your name where are you from bla bla  bla…

Harsha begins to say “I’m Harsha….” And they both walked towards the function hall. After some time the inauguration function started. And the Director of the college begin to give welcome speech, then Peter started to sleep and told Harsha to wake him after they finished their speeches. Because, Peter hates this kind of speeches.
After the speech, first year student’s started to introduce themselves. After that, the function ends. And they arranged a tea party for the student’s.

Harsha and Peter came there to have their tea. There was a senior group teasing the new student’s. And making them to do, what the seniors want them to. One of the senior called Harsha and Peter. They both came there. The senior asked both of them to hold their ears and put sit-ups until they say stop. Now Harsha understood that they are raging them. And started to put sit-ups.

Suddenly the senior called a girl who passed that way. Harsha looked at the girl and shocked. 
The girl is Harni. And Harsha thinks “she gona find that I’m not a senior student Oh God! But it’s Ok she also going to put sit-ups like me HaHaa…”

Harni came there. The senior asked “Harni how are you? Why are you here?”

Harni replies “Now I’m a student of this college. And I’m your junior”

“Oh Ok! See this juniors putting sit-ups, do you wana join?” senior said with smile.

Harni looked at Harsha and Peter, and started to laugh. And thinks “Oh Harsha is not a senior, he was just tried to kidding me”

“If you want me to do so, I’ll do but I will tell it to your mom tomorrow” said Harni

“Cool! cousin just asked for fun, Ok you go I’ll handle them” senior replies

Harni asked “Hey they are my friends let them go”

“What your friends, Ok Ok. Hey stop you can go now” senior said to Harsha and Peter.

Harni said bye to her cousin.

Harsha, Harni and Peter are walked towards their classroom. Harsha and Peter said thanks to Harni.

Harsha asked Harni “Harni, me and Peter want you to be a good friend of us, will you?”

“Hey stop, you are already my friends” Harni replied

They three joined their hands.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Importance of Hair and Hair care

As compared to Girls, Guys are little bit lazy to do everything, including me. It continues when it comes to Hair Problems.

Being a Guy it took long time for me to ‘realize the importance of Hair and Hair care’ after suffered by many Hair Problems.

I thought ‘hair care is not that much important for guys’. But my hair taught me a good lesson about it.

As like as everyone, I have experienced my first hair problem in teenage. It is not because of hormone changes, it is because of my carelessness.

When I was a kid, my hair looked silky soft, smooth and thick. I received many complements from my friends and relatives about my hair. So I feel very blessed.

As I turned to teenager. I used some materials to style my hair. I used hairspray, hair color, and hair gels etc.. I used these accessories to look stylish and modern. Even though I know these items are chemical and alcoholic contents I started to use it. Because I have studied somewhere that hair grows from dead cells. So when we cut the hair it doesn’t pain. So I thought using these accessories won’t affect. And these materials gave different stylish looks to my hair. At that time I don’t know there is lots of stress behind that.

After sometimes I have had my first experience of hair problem, it started with hair fall. When I comb my hair every day I saw my hair fall increases. And simultaneously it loses its silky soft texture and turned to dry hair. Day by day it increased and my hair loosed its original texture.
I was worried about it and I realized how much hair is important to a guy, and if it goes like this I’ll be bald quickly.

Now it is the time to change. I started to know the hair care tips from many girls and family members and friends.

Finally I filtered some easy steps to follow, they are

·         Oil your hair regularly it will bring back your silky softness,
·         Wash your hair two/three times in a week with good shampoo and good conditioner.
·         Try to avoid using chemical products like hair spray, hair color and hair gel etc… because stylish hair won’t last but healthy hair does.
·         Last but not least, maintain good lifecycle eat, sleep and do your work, in correct timings regularly.

Even much more things are there to put an end to your hair problems. But these things are enough for guys to maintain healthy hair.

And finally these simple steps worked well and my hair started to regain its silky softness, thickness and all its textures back.

After sometimes it seems difficult to do oil regularly in this busy life. And as like many folks I don’t like oils.

So I prefer “DoveNourishing Oil Care”. It is much better than using oils.

Because of its “Fiber actives and Revolutionary Vita Oils” smoothness, shine and softness will be restored.

As “Dove Nourishing Oil Care” is one of the “Dove Damage Therapy” it can give good treatment by deeply nourishing and replenishing essential nutrients. And it contains natural Coconut, Almond and Sunflower oils which can replenish essential vitamins.

When I used Dove for the first time. I used it as directed on the backside. It gives the softness to my hair in first wash.

Then I started to use it three times a week. It adds the softness, silkiness, smoothness and thickness to my hair. And that was the end of my hair problems!

Then I changed the hair care steps as shown below,

·         Wash your hair two/three times in a week with good shampoo (Dove Nourishing Oil Care) and good conditioner (Dove Nourishing Oil Care).
·         Try to avoid using chemical products like hair spray, hair color and hair gel etc… because stylish hair won’t last but healthy hair does.
·         Last but not least, maintain good lifecycle eat, sleep and do your work, in correct timings regularly.

These steps are much easier than above mentioned steps.

Are you aware about your hair?

Check this out Dove Hair-Aware App and it will show you the correct treatment for your hair problems.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

College Days 1

There is a boy, who has finished his schooling's and awaiting for his first day of College. As like as everybody he is very excited about his college life. And the day came.

Morning 6o'clock the alarm rings. There is a voice which says "come on 'Harsha' wake up, it is first day. if you miss the college bus then that will be a big problem". yes his name is Harsha.

He woke up. After some time he is ready and his mother asked him to have breakfast. He is so exited and nervous about his first day. He had his breakfast faster and ran.

Before he reach there, the College bus came. He saw the bus and run towards it, finally he got the bus. His heart beat is now at the peak, he is looking for a place to sit. But there is no seat for him. The bus was already full, he decided to sit on the steps.

He watched others in the bus, everyone are very busy with their work. He try to talk with a guy who wear a big specs.

Harsha asked "are you new to this college?"
He replies "no."
"Then which year you're?" asked  Harsha .
"3rd year, i have an important presentation today we'll chat later" he replies. 
"OK carry on" said  Harsha 

Now the bus reached the next stop, but nobody is there. Bus stays there for 5 mins nobody has come, then the bus started to move on.

Suddenly a sweet voice traveled along the air which shouts "Stop, Stop, Stop the bus!"
Harsha looks outside of the bus, he saw a girl running towards the bus and shouting to stop it. He asked the driver to stop the bus, and the bus stopped. 

 Harsha helped the girl to get in, and she is at the same condition as Harsha. Now her heart beat is at peak. 

"Have some water" said Harsha, and he gave his water bottle.
She replies "no thanks i have my own."
Then Harsha goes to his place and sat down and watched her.

The girl looks everywhere for a place. 
Harsha thinks "there is no seats ma that's why i'm here, same situation for you now. this is single door bus , there is no way you have to stand. ha ha..."
But the girl came to him and asked "shall we share this place?"
And he was aw-wk! and then agreed.

After some time she asked the same question which Harsha asked to the specs guy. "Is this your first day to this college?"
He remains silent and asked her "what about you?"
"I'm new to this college, and i have many expectations about my College Days." she said.
Now Harsha decided to act like a senior student. 
He said "i'm a 3rd year student."
He continuous "You have to call me senior sir" and asked "what's your name?"
Now she is scared and replied "i'm 'Harni'!"

The bus reached the college.
"now you can go, but meet me evening in bus shedsaid Harsha...
Both of them stepped into their college .........!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cinderella's super tresses and Speaking Dove's

As like as Rapunzel, there was a beautiful girl with long tresses. But the difference is, she has long black tresses. Every girls who saw her tresses will surely get jealous on her, her name is Cinderella. 

Cinderella is a joyful pretty girl, she was living in a village. She is the only girl who has the longest beautiful tresses in that village. 

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One day a strange man came to the village, everyone in the village looked at him. He was so nervous, and very hungry. Some folks in village asked about him. As he began to say everyone rounded up to hear. 

He said "I'm a Doctor, i was travelling through the forest near this village with my friends for a vacation, now i lost my friends and my things are with them, i don't have anything except this cloths and my Mouth-organ. I'm very hungry now can you please give some thing to have..!"

Before he ends his sentence, Cinderella brought him some food items. The Doctor don't even saw her face, he just grabbed that food items and started to eat. After he had all of that, he thanked Cinderella and he saw her beautiful eyes which shows plenty of pleasure.

At that first sight he fell in love with her. Obviously, any guy who saw her pretty face and beautiful tresses will fell in love. But he doesn't saw her beautiful long black tresses yet.

Then Cinderella left that place. And the village people allowed him to stay there until he finds his friends. 

'Sun sets down'

On the night he looks around the village for Cinderella. He founds her place, but it is closed and there was a bright light glows inside her house. 

He knocked the door by asking "is anybody there?" but there is no reply. 

He didn't stop, he knocked it again and again. 

Then there was a sweet voice came from inside asking "who is that? and what you need?

He replies "i'm the doctor whom you helped morning, i just want to talk to you. can you open the door"

"no not now, i'll see you tomorrow under the big tree near the Lake" she said.

"just few words, please open the door" he said. "wait under the tree morning i'll surely come" she replied.

He can't leave that place before see her pretty face. He looks around that small house and found a little gap. A bright light ray came from that gap. He looks into that gap and he was shocked about what he saw.

On the next morning Cinderella was waiting under the big tree for him. Surprisingly she heard some music. She followed that and saw the Doctor playing the Mouth-organ. Suddenly she hide under a big rock.

After the doctor came there, she came out casually and walked towards him.

She asked "are you waiting for long time?"

"no, i came just now" he replies.

"Oh! OK tell me what's matter?" she asked.

He proposed his love to her by giving a beautiful wet Read Rose. She avoid his proposal and told "i'm not the right girl for you, i can't accept it sorry".

"Why Cinderella don't you like me?" he asked by holding her shoulder.

She can't control her emotion "i love you but i cant marry you, i'm not a normal girl" she cried.

He holds her hand, then hugged and said "i know about that".

She was shocked. He said all the things happened yesterday night.

And he continuous "When i saw you through the gap, i saw your black tresses are grown very longer and turned into grey color and it glows like a bright light. It was a shock to me, at that time a hand touched my shoulder, it increases my shocking. I turned to see who is that, i saw a old lady. suddenly she holds my hand and said that she is your mother and explained about your super tresses. She told that your tresses will look normal in sunlight and turns like this after the Sun sets and it will do everything you say. Finally she asked me about our love and i promised to her, i'll marry you. Then only i understood that it is a super power of you."

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"You all are saying it is a super power, but for me it is a great problem. I cant live my life as a normal girl. I can't do somethings which everyone does. I want to feel free and live without any special powers. I want to mingle with people and share my soul with you. By having this power i can't do these things ever. I hate this... I completely hate this...!!!" she finished with tears.

"Oh my dear, don't cry. If it is your wish i'll find a solution for it" doctor says. "But how?" she asks. "Don't worry I know how to handle this come with me" then he bring her to her mother.

They asked about this to Cinderella's mother. And she asked him to don't even think about it. 
"Why?" doctor asked. "There is a way but it is too difficult to handle, and it is very dangerous if someone go behind it, then they will be lost" says Cinderella's mother.

"Tell me the way, and i will do it for my Love" said doctor.

"You have to reach the top of the hill near the forest, and you have to face 5 traps after that you have to find the 'couple of Speaking Doves' and bring them here. This is the way" mother says.   

 "No you don't do that, if it is my fate i'll accept it" Cinderella stops him. 

The Doctor kissed her and gave a rose and silently left that place with a smile.

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Then the doctor start to travel towards the top of the Hill. And he faces the Traps of Five natural elements. It was too difficult for him to face those. But he defeated the traps.

Now he have to find the "couple of Speaking Doves". But it is not easy to find them, he searched everywhere on the top of the hill. He was so tired, he sat under a big tree and started to play his mouth-organ. While playing it, he has been distracted by a noise which came from the top of the tree. Suddenly he looks up and there was the couple of Speaking Doves arguing themselves. 

He explains the problem of Cinderella's super tresses to the Doves and they agree to go with him. But they put an agreement, "If wee have to come with you, you have to answer our questions". And the doctor agreed for that.

Doves started to question, "Which is the favorite color of Cinderella?".
He answered "White".
Doves asked "What would Cinderella do when she saw somebody is in trouble?"
He answered "Without no question she will Help them."
Doves asked "If we help Cinderella, what will you do for us?".
He answered "Anything you want me to".
Doves said "Sacrifice your soul for Cinderella."
He remains silently for a minute.    
Doves asked "Won't you do that, for her? why are you silent?"
He said "I have to share my soul with Cinderella. If i sacrifice it then who will do that?"
Now the Doves remains Silent, and they said "You are the perfect match for Cinderella, and you deserve that. Take us to Cinderella"

The Doctor reaches the Village with the Doves, and it seem to be Sunset. When he reaches Cinderella her Beautiful tresses turned into Grey glowing long tresses.

He gave her a kiss and hold that Grey glowing long tresses and said "with or without this you're my Soul-mate."

Now the Dove's did the magic.

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In their wedding ceremony, both of them released the Speaking Doves. And they ended with wedding kiss.  

Now Cinderella feels free and she is very happy without her super tresses. She enjoys her life which she wants to. She loves her Long Black Tresses and her soul-mate who made, that for her. 

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"...and that was the end of my hair problems!" Says Cinderella...

In this Cinderella's life, those couple of Speaking Dove's made the change. By putting an end to her hair problem.

To put an end to your hair problems, try this Dove   
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Are you aware about your hair? try this  Dove hair-aware app. 

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Is hair problems are only for Girls? .....

Is the hair problems are only for Girls? .....

Obviously the answer is NO....

Why don't Dove prefer Guys to act on add's? Because Hair Problems are not only for Girls. Isn't it....

What are the Hair problems for Guys?  Bald, Grey Hair. These are the main things which will come to our mind.

This is the story of my Hair Problems....

When i was in 15 i had my first Hair problem Hair fall.
My mom told me "use oil daily, your hair is too rough and thin. if this Hair fall continues, you will become Bald soon, like your Grandpa..."
From that i have started to used oil regularly, even i don't like oils. And this problem somewhat Ends.

And then, when i was nearly in 19, one day i saw a Grey Hair on my head. This time i asked my friends, they told me to cut off that hair, because it is only one. So it is easy to do so, and i did it.

After some weeks i found many Grey Hairs, Now i decided to ask my mom.

She brought me some natural oils and natural hair powders. Those are not working.

Finally we consulted a Doctor, She gave me some Tablets and Oils. And she asked me to take this treatments at least for one year.

But i can't do that, because i have to start my Higher Studies in another State.
Then i used to apply Hair Colors.

Till now i'm using Hair colors. Now i'm 21, there was a problem again, the Hair color is not lasting. So i colored my hair twice a month.

Some days before, i saw the Dove Add in TV.
By that, i came to know about the Dove color Repair.
And i used it, now my Hair Color is lasting and that was the end of my hair problems!

Two days before i used the  Dove hair-aware app. to ensure that my hair is now perfect. But i shocked, i 
have some other problems. And  Dove hair-aware app. shows me a correct solution Dove Nourishing oil care. As i don't like to use oil, i'm using Dove Nourishing oil care

Now i believe as Dove says  "Your Hair will be looking Perfect but it is not Perfect". 

Make the Dove test here Dove hair-aware app 

Some of the Dove products are:

Click on Dove to have Dove Hair Aware

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Google Application Engine for Business

The Giant search engine Google has released the Google Application Engine(GAE). And this is the another milestone in Google's history. Now it is serving only for the minimum users in an organisation. And it offers the free trial up to 10users. 

Google made it much simple to access GAE. If you want your organisation to be a part of it. All you need is to have a Google Account or Google Application Account and you should have own website domain for your organisation. 

Google App Engine supports apps written in several programming languages. With App Engine's Java runtime environment, you can build your app using standard Java technologies, including the JVM, Java servlets, and the Java programming language—or any other language using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, such as JavaScript or Ruby. App Engine also features two dedicated Python runtime environments, each of which includes a fast Python interpreter and the Python standard library. Finally, App Engine provides a Go runtime environment that runs natively compiled Go code. These runtime environments are built to ensure that your application runs quickly, securely, and without interference from other apps on the system.

With App Engine, you only pay for what you use. There are no set-up costs and no recurring fees. The resources your application uses, such as storage and bandwidth, are measured by the gigabyte, and billed at competitive rates. You control the maximum amounts of resources your app can consume, so it always stays within your budget.

App Engine costs nothing to get started. All applications can use up to 1 GB of storage and enough CPU and bandwidth to support an efficient app serving around 5 million page views a month, absolutely free. When you enable billing for your application, your free limits are raised, and you only pay for resources you use above the free levels.
Initial releaseApril 7, 2008
Stable release1.7.0 / 26 June 2012; 9 days ago
Development statusReleased
Written inPython, Java, Go
TypeWeb development

Here is the Link to get Started Google App Engine 

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