Sunday, 29 July 2012

College Days 2

The two new students ‘Harsha’ and ‘Harni’ entered into the college, with many expectations about their college life and with little bit of nervousness. As it was a first day for fresher’s, the college management arranged the inauguration function for fresher’s. So every new student’s can know about each other. 

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Now we follow Harsha. After said bye to Harni he is now looking for the inauguration function hall. And he found a notice board which shows all detail about the function hall. As directed in the notice board Harsha walked towards the function hall. And he entered into it, now he has to find the reception and register his name. Suddenly someone taped on his shoulder and said “Hai brother!” Harsha turned his head and looked behind. There was a stylish guy who wore a T-shirt, jean and Goggles standing behind Harsha. And the stylish guy continues “I’m Peter, are you looking for the registration table? come with me I’ll show, just now only I have finished mine ” and he shows the registration table for Harsha, and guided him to fill it. Harsha thanked him.

Peter says “come on man don’t say thanks to me here after. All right  tell me about yourself what’s your name where are you from bla bla  bla…

Harsha begins to say “I’m Harsha….” And they both walked towards the function hall. After some time the inauguration function started. And the Director of the college begin to give welcome speech, then Peter started to sleep and told Harsha to wake him after they finished their speeches. Because, Peter hates this kind of speeches.
After the speech, first year student’s started to introduce themselves. After that, the function ends. And they arranged a tea party for the student’s.

Harsha and Peter came there to have their tea. There was a senior group teasing the new student’s. And making them to do, what the seniors want them to. One of the senior called Harsha and Peter. They both came there. The senior asked both of them to hold their ears and put sit-ups until they say stop. Now Harsha understood that they are raging them. And started to put sit-ups.

Suddenly the senior called a girl who passed that way. Harsha looked at the girl and shocked. 
The girl is Harni. And Harsha thinks “she gona find that I’m not a senior student Oh God! But it’s Ok she also going to put sit-ups like me HaHaa…”

Harni came there. The senior asked “Harni how are you? Why are you here?”

Harni replies “Now I’m a student of this college. And I’m your junior”

“Oh Ok! See this juniors putting sit-ups, do you wana join?” senior said with smile.

Harni looked at Harsha and Peter, and started to laugh. And thinks “Oh Harsha is not a senior, he was just tried to kidding me”

“If you want me to do so, I’ll do but I will tell it to your mom tomorrow” said Harni

“Cool! cousin just asked for fun, Ok you go I’ll handle them” senior replies

Harni asked “Hey they are my friends let them go”

“What your friends, Ok Ok. Hey stop you can go now” senior said to Harsha and Peter.

Harni said bye to her cousin.

Harsha, Harni and Peter are walked towards their classroom. Harsha and Peter said thanks to Harni.

Harsha asked Harni “Harni, me and Peter want you to be a good friend of us, will you?”

“Hey stop, you are already my friends” Harni replied

They three joined their hands.

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