Friday, 27 January 2012

NANO for Cancer in Future

You know about NANO Technology,  It is the future of the world.  And it will rule the World. In one line we can say "NANO the King of the future."  Let me come to the point, NANO as Medicine.

NANO for Cancer Treatment


            NANO can be used as a medicine for Cancer, in future. Some research is going on to implement it soon. The NANO element called "NANO Diamond" will be used for this treatment. It will be injected into the Cancer affected part in Human body, then the NANO Diamond will destroy the Cancer affected Cells in that part. The NANO Diamond can easily identify the affected and not-affected Cells in that Tissue. So there is no chance for Cell loss.
                  Nowadays there is a treatment called Hemotherapy. In this method all cells in the Cancer affected Tissue will be destroyed so there will be much Cell loss. Here not-affected Cell will also be destroyed so the NANO Diamond treatment is much advanced one. The Expectations for this treatment is very high.


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