Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Accessories to Sexual attraction

Accessory is one of the things which we carry from earlier years to still now. Accessory of an object is to make the object more efficient, useful and to improve its features and to make it look stylish.

When it comes to Human beings Accessories are major things to show off. What is the reason for you to wear an Accessory? Obviously, you like it, and to attract some folks, to look unique, and the last and main reason is to show your attitude to others through that. And it is implicit way to show your mood.
Accessories of Boys
Accessories of Girls

But the real fact is, Accessories are the things that shows the character which the person intended to become and hides the real character of that person. For example if you saw a person who look like a rude guy because of his Accessories and Dressings but his real character will be very polite. So don’t judge the character of somebody only with the outlook.
Why we are hiding our real character behind these Accessories? Because we are trying to attract somebody/everybody by showing “I’m unique and I differ from others”.

The reason to attract somebody is to make them know your presence and make them to look at you. Nowadays most of the boys are trying to attract girls and most of the girls are trying to attract boys through the accessories. So the accessory is a common thing for both.

But in earlier years, Accessories are designed for girls, to attract the guys. Because Accessories are used to decorate girls and make them look very pretty.

Why the accessories are meant to be a decorative element for women?

Aren't they pretty without these accessories?

Because they are treated like objects, the term decorate refers to some objects that are intended to look pretty and attractive.

Women are been treated like decorative objects in male dominated society. And they thought girls are born to serve men. Then the Accessories are been created to decorate women, to get the attention of men.

Nowadays we are been influenced to do that, it is not our mistake it came from our ancestors. But there is a difference now the Accessories are available for both girls and guys to attract opposite sex. what’s the difference says is, after some struggles to get freedom for women as like as freedom of our country there are some changes in our society.

Even though it is a male dominating society, some freedom is there for girls. Girls are doing many things as like as guys and in some areas they are doing even better than guys. Now guys are trying to attract girls as like as girls did in earlier years. So we both are trying to attract opposite sex through our outlooks and accessories and in many ways.

Now men and women have same equality in our society. But there are many partiality and sexual harassment's are happening everyday to every girl in our country. Girls know how to handle those things. Hopefully there will be an end for that very soon, with the support of good guys in our country.

So accessories are mainly designed to attract opposite sex. This is the way how I see the accessories. How do you see it? convey it through comments.

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