Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Independence or Dependence...!!!

In an Indian Farmer's dream...

Indian Farmer : Hey FDI Angel, Why did you came here?
FDI Angel      : I came here to save the farmers and poor people of your country.

Indian Farmer : Oh! great but How?
FDI Angel      : I'll make some changes in consumerism, production and infrastructural development.

Indian Farmer : These things will help the Higher Class people. How do we get benefit.?
FDI Angel      : I've not yet, even think about it...

Indian Farmer : So we poor people should face the consequences, and we have to depend you for everything.
FDI Angel      : Yes, Of course.

Indian Farmer : Then what will happen to our Independence.
FDI Angel      : Nothing will happen for that. It'll be with me very safely.

Indian Farmer : !!!!@#$%^&**!!!! Oh, God.
FDI Angel      : Bye....!!!

He woke up suddenly...
Oh! Sh** this should not happen.
He prayed to God. And gone to his work.

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  1. A nightmare it was... Yeah FDI is going to ruin the entire supply chain management across the country. The lower strata of the society would be more poor & would be destined to lie barren :( I wish the rule doesn't pass in the Rajya Sabha... The post was really an eye-opener to a lot of people. Take care Sasi :)

    1. I also wish the same... keeping fingers crossed...


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