Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Voting Begins..!!

Voting Lines are closed now,

Results are published click here


Now it's time to Vote...


Before announcing about Voting guidelines I thank every participants, for contributing and sharing their creations here. All the entries are really very Innovative, so every participants are at the best, in unique way. And thanks again for sharing your creation through this contest.

The voting lines are now open for the "Best 55 Fictionist Contest". And the voting Guidelines are given below...


  • You can cast up to 3 votes, but for 3 different entries.
  • No need to put vote for your own entry. It has been added already behalf of you. So every entry already has an vote behalf of it's Author. Other than that, you can encourage your readers to vote for your entry.
  • Participants and any of the Readers of Beginner(this blog) can vote(others votes will not be considered). Don't forgot to visit all the Entries/Links before deciding to Vote.
  • The voting lines will be closed on 16-12-2012(Sunday) midnight. After that results will be announced and Badges will be provided.

    Voting Format:

                     Serial number and Name of the participant followed by the reason or suggestions, If any.
                                               for example:   
                                                               1. Sasikumar
                                                               10. JOHN
                                                               5. Shilpa
                                                (Here goes the reason or suggestion)

                 You can send your votes through the Comment Box of this post. As I have enabled the comment moderation your votes won't be reviled before the results. Just enter your votes in given format and publish the comment that's it.

                  As we have 10 participants, the top 3 persons who gets the highest number of votes will be declared as the winners and other 7 persons will be declared as runner ups... So there will be two badges available Winner and Runner up!

    List of participants:

    1. Tanya Sehgal  6. MuthuKumar.A  
    2. Green Speck  7. Tanaya Nath  
    3. Sayantini Bhattacharya  8. Thewhitescape  
    4. Neha Agarwal  9. Look For A Lovely Thing  
    5. Anirudh  10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)  

    All the best for every one!!!


    1. 7. Tanaya Nath
      2. Green Speck
      9. Look For a Lovely Thing

      Had a difficult time choosing since all of them were so great! But good luck to everyone :)

    2. 1. Look For a Lovely Thing - Forgive me for voting for myself, but I liked the dialogue. It creates supernatural ambiguity. The last line makes the reader wonder if Darla has special powers that can help the dead. Do what? Maybe cross over? Contact living loved ones? Who knows? That's the beauty of good a 55. It makes one want to read more.

      2. Tanaya Nath - Beautifully written 55. Almost haiku in it's poetic brevity. Loved the atmosphere. Love the use of the word "ain't." Love the sentimentality of missing one's mother. It gives me proper creeps.

      3.The Ghost of Winter(By a Great Liar) - excellent atmosphere and tension. This one's going to get bloody maybe. I want to read more.

    3. 7. Tanaya Nath

      8. Thewhitescape

      6. MuthuKumar.A

      (I voted after going through the postings yet again, trying my best to be fair in my assessement to all the stories posted.

      However, please do bear in mind that the idea of voting is not to differentiate the good from the bad, as every story had its own merits. And I enjoyed reading each and every one of them.

      The above mentioned stories are placed in order of my humble assessement of their literary strength. Keeping in mind elements such as the plot, narrative quality etc etc. In flash fiction, the challenge is to tell more in less words, and yet sound convincing enough for the readers concerned, which these above mentioned stories achieved rather admirably)

    4. 10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)
      3. Sayantini Bhattacharya
      5. Anirudh

    5. I'd like to vote for-
      2. Green Speck
      5. Anirudh
      10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)

    6. 2. Green Speck

      6. Muthukumar.A

      10. The Ghost of Winter (By A Great Liar)

    7. 1. Green Speck
      2. Sayantini Bhattacharya
      3. Anirudh

      All the entries were brilliantly done, and in each the writer with just 55 words took the contest to a new level. I enjoyed reading all the stories but specially the three I have mentioned above. They wre a unique blend of innovation, comedy, ghostly spookiness. :)
      The best entry according to me was of Green Speck, an awesome blogger & his writings always tend to reflect a different path never visited before.
      The rest two also proved to be a delightful read.
      I would like to thank Sasi to garner such a contest where some people got to discover a new way of weaving stories. Take care! All the very best. May the best fictionist win :)

    8. Hii ! There I was just browsing the net for blogs & I finds yours through the contest. I am your new follower friend. As you said in the post I would like to cast a vote dear. I have gone through all the entries :
      1. Neha Agarwal
      2. Tanya Sehgal

      Request: Please keep on hosting such contests as I would love to be a part next time... Glad I came here. I liked all the entries pretty much but since I am a romance buff. I would specially vote for stories that has a love suspect in them. All the best to the three.

    9. Hii, there. I am a new entrant on this blog from The Fact Fiction. Nice to come here dude.The contest did made me read some cool entries, thanks...

      Here's my vote :
      1. Anirudh
      2. Tanaya Nath
      3. Tanya Sehgal

      I loved the last story from the girl (Tanya S.) Good going Tanya.
      Also Anirudh's story get a clap from me, awesome work dude.
      I also liked Sayantini's work ( story from the Great Liar.
      That's all.

      Sasi kindly visit my blog once.


    Thanks for spending your time here... I worth your words, feel free to comment...!!!

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