Thursday, 22 December 2011

Is it the End...?

Mayan calendar is an ancient one and plethora of clues, putting together the pieces is very difficult to understand. the scientists and the scholars understands that the world would come to an end by 2012 after many studies. the calendar lasted for nearly five thousand one hundred and twenty five years, and its interpretations were almost correct. the most popular interpretation is that the world cycle will end on 21st December 2012 according to the Mayan calendar . In order to know better about the truth and the prediction it is important to know better about the calendar. on August 13th, 3114 BC the current cycle Batkun started. Which represents the end of last period and beginning of the current?

The end of the world 2012 will play out in a manner that it has something to do with one that is beyond the world. it is also believed that the world will by the Sun itself and not by any other forces in the galaxy. some also believes that the end is also due to some large solar flare. the flare may be due to orbit’s infiltration of planets which Babylonians and Sumerians that are referred to as Planet X and Nibiru. it is believed that there are some race of people lived in Nibiru called Anunnaki. the mythology states that this race of people come to earth and will genetically engineer the human beings because they are in need of gold for protecting their environment. it is also believed that the human beings whom they created will help to mine gold from South Africa and may also be in relation with Sumerians. In case of true nature, then the prediction also coincides with return of Anunnaki, i.e. return of our creators.

the calendar states that with the return of planet in to the system there may be a massive disasters in Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and Earth orbits. the Nibiru when crossing Jupiter may cause gases to ignite which it turn will create a second sun. thus Solar flare that are releasing from Sun are also at the peak during this year 2012 and the combination of these two cycles will cause massive damage to Earth that has never been seen before.

it has also been believed that the planetary alignment on earth during 2012 winter may also cause the world to end. at this time the entire milky way align at the point known as galactic equator and the alignment is so rare as it happens every 25000 years. This rare alignment causes shift of signal in magnetic poles , thus causes massive destruction to the Earth. it becomes a big question about Mayan calendar if any of these things does not happen. their understanding about the solar system and other predictions are rare that most people cannot understand.

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