Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The True Love......!

Once upon a time ago lived a beautiful woman who lived all alone. All she wanted was a daughter to love and care for. One night she found a nice young lady who was really hungry and she asked her.. Excuse me are you hungry. The young lady said yes I am.. So she took her back to her house to have a nice dinner. The woman asked the young lady. Do you have somewhere to sleep hun? She answered No.. So the woman let her stay with her. As Time went by. The woman let the young lady stay there so she wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. The young lady would help the woman. So when she started to get to know her.. She asked her. Would you mind if I called you mommy? She cried a little and gave her a hug and said yes I would be your mother.. But what the young lady didn’t know is that the woman was dying.. So as time progressed the woman was slowly dying.. The daughter held her mom closely to her heart and arms and told her mom.. I love you thank you for giving me the gift of a mother in my life. So the woman said to her.. My beautiful daughter I am not dead yet cause with you I have daughter and thank you for giving me a family.. After she said 3 months passed on and she passed away. The young lady cried for months until she found true love and started her own family and she went on to tell her children I love you and always will no matter where I go always remember that….

      .....The true Love is'nt only in between a boy and a girl....     
                 It has spreaded all over in the world you'll feel it when you care for others 


  1. Ohh yes Love is between two forms, a mother & daughter, friends & all relationships that exist :) Nice little story! I must say you write so well, just promote your blog a little more because you are such a wonderful writer. :) I just can't stop reading all your posts. Have never done that for the past 2 years :) :)

    1. Thanks and Sure Tanya... I welcome Ur words as always...:)


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